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The action SFOTA running from 17 September to 18 December 2016 has been completed. 

In accordance with the rules of the prize receive:

-Best Hunter SFOTA            SP2GUC 69 qso /10 SF /

-Best WW Hunter SFOTA      I0KHY   23 qso /9  SF /

special award LY4E the only one station outside of SP with 10 objects SF

Prizes will be sent out no later than the end of March*. 


Total in third SFOTA 1060 attended foreign stations and 279 Polish station.

You are connected with foreign 1656 QSO, and with Polish 862 QSO. 

Qsl cards sent will be by the end of March 2017, for members via PZK bureau,

for the other after receiving a reply envelope with a stamp.


SFOTA Award Generator (by SQ4HRX) 


Additional /pl/ information on www. sp9zps. eu

 * - Sorry for the delay, the current date is the end of April.

Thank you for the great fun to hear


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