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Basic information.

Relaying on our experience obtained from previously carried out actions SFOTA* (2016) and SFOTA II ( 2019),

we decided to go back as field stations operators / activators to fortified objects of the “Silesia” Fortified Area"

within launched by George SP8BBK and the Castle Guild ( “Bractwo Zamkowe” ) program called “ARCHITECTURA MILITARIS XX”.

We are active mainly on CW, SSB and FT4 and sometimes on FT8, using power up to 100W max. and simple car or wire antennas.

Our A.M. XX activity manager is Marius SP9MRP.

Logs for objects activation along with other documentation are being sent to A.M. XX coordinator and simultaneously to WCA-elog base and LOtW.

The antique military objects of A.M XX have unique WCA Ref. No. SP-03001 to SP-03834 ( 22.06.2020 ).

Beside of objects of  “Silesia” Fortified Area, the other A.M. XX objects may be activated as well.



Diplomas will be issued as an souvenir and confirmation of QSOs made with SP9YFF working from A.M. XX objects.

Diplomas will be free of charge, of A4 sheet size and shall be possible to download as .pdf file directly from >->->->-> 


The following kinds of diplomas will be issued:

  • Series A.M. XX YFF Hunter Awards – for 5, 10, 15, 20 confirmed QSOs with different fortified objects on any of above bands and modes.

  • Series A.M. XX YFF Top Hunter Award – for confirmed QSOs with 3 fortified objects on CW, PHONE, DIGI* mode.

  • If you earn all three mode awards, you will achieve a TOP Hunter AWARD



This above diploma program is of developmental character and it’s rules may undergo changes in future.


If you have an idea or questions, you want to cooperate or directly support this action, please contact us.


* / Abbreviations:

SFOTA – means Silesian Fortifications on the Air.



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